Caesar Group Of Companies

About caesar group

c The Caesar group aims to:
• Raise the level of work within local and international standards.
• Harnessing all the company's Artistic and administrative capabilities for outstanding work.
• Establish a strong relationship based on mutual trust, integrity and credibility between our clients.

the caesar

Our group is a partnership of three companies

Caesar Engineering

Caesar Aircraft Services

Caesar Dar for General Trading

Aircraft Services

Caesar offers you a full range of aviation products and services to the fixed wing and helicopter markets, including aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance, parts, value added products, charter, international operations and pilot, technical and ATC training. You are assured that we have a keen understanding of the business and the importance of providing a comprehensive service offering to our clients. Our strength lies in the relationships that we have built and nurtured with both our clients and our suppliers. These formidable partnerships enable us to provide you with cost effective solutions that other general aviation companies simply cannot provide. More than that, our knowledge and expertise enables us to advise you and guide you to the right solution for your specific needs.

Engineering and Oil

We at Caesar Engineering are honored to be leading the field of undertaking complex industrial & investment ventures, in the field of Engineering, oil & gas, Power & Energy, construction Services. With dedicated team, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct in order to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule through the employment and support of motivated, flexible, and focused teams. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all clients, and partners. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive, and our integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day. We pledge to undertake any task assigned in a professional and transparent manner.

Caesar Dar for General Trading

The activity of the Caesar Dar for General Trading is the implementation of all commercial transactions and the import and export of all goods and goods permitted by law in accordance with the Trade Law and the laws and regulations in force and the activity of the following:
1. Representing international companies specialized in the infrastructure of hospitals, schools, roads and bridges
2. Representing international companies specialized in the field of energy (electricity, oil and gas)
3. Doing all business, such as exporting, importing and entering into contracts in accordance with the applicable laws.
4. The company imports and exports materials allowed to import and export in accordance with the law and instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Ministry of Commerce and the establishment and the departments and institutions and companies affiliated to them.
5. The company has Iraqi experts and specialists specialized in this field to achieve the company's activity.